First Baptist Church Ponte Vedra Beach
Monday, July 22, 2019

About Us

Our Mission Statement
  First Baptist Church of Ponte Vedra Beach exist for people to
KNOW Christ, GROW in Christ and SERVE Christ
 Our Mission Strategy
To Know Christ
 Sunday Worship is designed for people to know and worship Christ.  Our pastor's messages are Bible based and relevant to our needs.  Our music style is what we call "blended."  It consist of traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs.  The worship may also involve drama and personal stories telling how Christ is moving in our lives today.  Prayer is always a part of our worship experience.  We seek to help people know Christ as a natural result of Christian living and building relationships with people.
To Grow in Christ
            Small groups are designed to help people grow in Christ and community with one another.                                       
To Serve Christ
We encourage each person to participate as a volunteer in community organizations outside of First Baptist Church.  Every member is encouraged to serve on a ministry team.  
 Our Doctrine
                         We uphold the Baptist Faith and Message.  You can view it by clicking here.